Dumbo !

 the shooting schedule is pushed back to end of May from original shooting start of April, #EvaGreen will be Colette, french trapeze artist. (Le tournage de Dumbo par Tim Burton débute fin mai à Londres. Eva Green sera Colette, trapéziste française)

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Edward Scissorh ands director Tim Burton has already been confirmed for the upcoming project, as well as Eva Green and Danny DeVito, set to bring larger human characters to life in this live-action reimagining. According to Deadline, an evil top circus Vandemere (yet to be cast) is the antagonist orchestrating the lives of Colette, a French trapeze artist to be played by Green. DeVito is set to play Medici, the man who runs a smaller circus that gets acquired by Vandemere.

Pre-production work is underway on the live action take on Dumbo, that Tim Burton is directing for the studio. However, the production was originally set to start filming this month, but there’s now been a slight delay. Presumably this is related to the fact that Disney and Burton haven’t locked down one of the key roles in the movie, given that Will Smith opted not to join the film.

The new start date for the film ? The crew have been told that it’s at the end of May, which is when Burton and his cast – that already includes Danny DeVito, and Eva Green – will get cracking on the physical production work. That should give the film a bit of wiggle room to lock the rest of the ensemble down.

The Casino Royale, Miss Peregrine and Penny Dreadful star will appear in Disney’s live-action remake

Disney president of production Sean Bailey has previously disclosed that the film will be set in a « big world », suggesting that the plot will not be confined to the original story.

The 36-year-old actress just signed with the studio about playing a starring role in the new Tim Burton-directed movie, which will be a fusion of live action and animation.

The studio has enjoyed considerable commercial success with live-action movies over recent years, having produced the likes of ‘Cinderella’, ‘The Jungle Book’ and the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’, which stars Emma Watson.

And Disney will hope to achieve similar success with an updated version of the 1941 animated movie about a baby elephant with unusually large ears.

Meanwhile, Eva revealed last year that she gets « sad » when she’s typecast as a « femme fatale » – and revealed she’s actually a « geek ».

She shared: « I often get asked if I get worried about being a typecast as a femme fatale. But I have played so many other things! It makes me sad. Is that how people see me, as a dark kind of icy image ? I hope not. I am not a Goth. I am a big geek ! »

And despite being one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, Eva also admitted she has not always been so confident.

Eva explained: « I was very, very shy as a child, so I felt a bit withdrawn and people always said I was strange. They still say that today.

« I’ve started thinking maybe I am. Because I am not confident to go to parties and do all that ‘lah-lah-lah, ha-ha-ha’, I have to be a bit violent with myself to do things like that. »